Episode 2

When Frida Kahlo Met Josephine Baker

Published on: 11th October, 2023

We’re not saying that Frida Kahlo definitely had an affair with Josephine Baker in 1939. We’re just saying that a lot of people said that they did at the time, and we really want it to be true. Rachel is here to spill all the hot goss and teach Larry about scissoring.

Kickass Queers shares the incredible life stories of amazing lesbian, gay, transgender, gender-nonconforming and otherwise queer people.

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Larry Womack

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Larry Womack is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in publications as diverse as The Independent (UK), Yahoo! News (US), Aftenposten Innsikt (Norway), and others. According to The Washington Post, he wrote the most-engaged news story on Facebook of the 2016 election cycle. His credits as editor includes a tenure at HuffPost, among others.

Rachel Stuart

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Rachel Stuart is a Communication Studies faculty member in the Seattle area. Her area of focus in Communication centers on Critical Intercultural Communication and New Communication Technologies. Her research has examined how members of the LGBTQIAAP+ community use the Internet and social media to negotiate identity, create community, and build social support.